theysohn-iso-eks-certificateReplacement screws and barrels from Theysohn increase the quality and the output of any extruder. Theysohn has outstanding experience in the design and development of plasticizing units, which are applied to our own range of machines as well as to replacement units (cylindrical or conical) for twin-screw extruders of all types on the market.

At an early stage Theysohn Salzgitter focused on it‘s development activities on corrosion-proof plasticizing designs of barrels, liners and screws, enabling solving problems optimal and guaranteeing a long service life. The manufacturing of more than 20.000 screws and barrels - in a wide variety of sizes and versions - has led to an extensive know-how in development and manufacturing. Thus manufacturing of units designed to optimally meet the processing needs of the customer and providing the highest possible reliability and quality.



theysohn-schnecketheysohn-schnecke2Screws are designed and manufactured by Theysohn in a variety of designs to suit pipe, profile and sheet extrusion and are tailor made to meet individual application needs, whenever desired. Both conical and parallel screw types are molybdenum coated to reduce wear and extend the lifetime of the units. Screws can be optimized, replaced or refurbished. In order to do this as cost effectivly as possible, Extruder-Komponenten Salzgitter is applying latest manufacturing and surface treatment technologies.

All barrels for parallel and conical screws are manufactured from high quality nitrided steel. A very high even hardening depth as well as ground or honed bores guarantee a long lifetime. For difficult processing, barrels made of special steel are available. Lined barrel in T5000 execution together with Mo-coated screws for longer lifetime for abrasive material.

Nitrided, hardened or coated, cylindrical or conical, with variable pitch or core progression, with shear, mixing or kneading zones - whatever the process technologists engineers require, Theysohn will manufacture.

All parts are manufactured to Theysohn original drawings, customer drawings or individual design for all extruder models from Theysohn and other leading manufacturers worldwide.

Twin-screw barrels are predominantly manufactured using CNC machines. Stipulated by the DIN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, measurement and testing (and logging of such) activities start with blanks and extend to the final products. Special machines and manufacturing devices have been developed and are deployed by Extruder-Komponenten Salzgitter to produce parallel and conical twin bore holes by forms of deep hole spindling, boring and honing.

The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the production of nitrided twin-screw barrels. All components are manufactured in accordance with our high standards of quality, for the most part on computerized numerically controlled machines.



  • theysohn-derRabetheysohn-barrelsanglemany years of experience in developing and manufacturing guarantees precise execution
  • a proven processing method to apply a molybdenum layer on the screw surface extends the lifetime of the plasticizing unit
  • the economical energy consumption of our units sets a trend typical for industrial development
  • a balanced screw geometry to suit a wide range of formulations ensures good homogenity, even at high screw speed
  • the screw flight depth design is tailored to meet the viscosity and flow characteristics of PVC extends the liefetime of barrels and screws
  • special geometries for processing of fibres and food are available